Everybody has a story how they got started and I have a unique one. In 2010, I went to see a band and decided to press the record button on the camera instead of the shutter button. I fell in love with video soon after that. I ended up asking the band if I could post the videos on YouTube. They liked the videos and kept asking if I had more. The singer would ask me to bring my camera to other gigs. Who would have ever thought, pressing the record button on my camera that night would have changed my life.

I went to Jefferson Community and Technical College for Digital Filmmaking to learn as much as I could. I had to take advertising classes that I fell in love with. I’m constantly looking at designs to get inspired. Ever since elementary school I’ve always been the kid who drew all over my papers in class. Everything from flames, crazy text, 3D cubes, etc. Finally after years of doing this, I put it to use in college. It opened my eyes to a whole new world of design.
I went through the Communication Arts Technology Program at Jefferson Community & Technical College in the option of Digital Filmmaking, Advertising Design, Commercial Photography and graduated with an Associate in Applied Science degree. I also obtained a Multimedia Certificate. I made history in the program I was the first student ever to pass portfolio review in all three options of Film, Design, and Photo. 
I have experience in a broad number of categories of video, design, and photo. Such as music videos, live band videos, commercials, logo design, branding guides, stationery, annual reports, advertisements, product photography, portrait photography, to everything in between. I would love to work with you to grow your brand, just message me and we can talk!

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